Hongkong International Coin Convention & Antique Watch Fair

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  • 香港特别行政区(香港特区)政府一直严格执行入境及海关法例。为了让各参展人士能够顺利到港参展并遵守所有法例要求,我们有以下建议,以供参考。
  • 访港旅客不可以参与任何有酬工作或活动。有关详情,请浏览香港特区政府网页 https://www.immd.gov.hk/eng/faq/visit-transit.html.
  • 若参展人士须要申请临时工作签证,请填妥香港特区入境事务处ID 990A表格。该表格可从 www.immd.gov.hk/pdforms/ID990A.pdf 下载。
  • 我们乐意协助参展人士申请临时工作签证,需时约2至3个月。请将填妥的表格及相关资料,电邮至 info@hicc.hk,以便我们协助申请工作。
  • 若计划雇用合法的临时员工并需要我们协助,请在展会开始至少14天前与我们联络,以便安排。


根据香港法例第629章 Cross-boundary Movement of Physical Currency and Bearer Negotiable Instruments Ordinance, Chapter 629, Laws of Hong Kong, any person arriving in Hong Kong in possession of a large quantity of currency and bearer negotiable instruments worth more than HKD120,000 is required to make a declaration.

有关详情,请浏览香港海关网站: www.customs.gov.hk/en/faqs/currency-and-bearer-negotiable-instruments/index.html


From 1 April 2023, the Hong Kong SAR Government introduced a new registration system for dealers in precious metals and stones to bolster the fight against money laundering and terrorist funding. The HKSAR Customs and Excise Department will oversee this system, ensuring registered dealers follow the rules and properly tackle money laundering and terrorist financing activities.

For non-Hong Kong precious metals and stones dealers, they must file a cash transaction report to the HKSAR Customs and Excise Department for any specified cash transactions. This report should include travel details, information about the dealer or their representative, customer particulars, and transaction specifics. It must be submitted within one day after the transaction or before the dealer/representative leaves Hong Kong, whichever is earlier.

有关详情,请浏览香港海关网站: www.drs.customs.gov.hk


  • The Organiser (“HICC”) will not be responsible nor be involved in any commercial or legal disputes arising between buyers and sellers.
  • Selling or displaying counterfeit items and materials at the convention is strictly forbidden. The Organiser reserves the right to expel exhibitors once any incident of counterfeiting is confirmed. The Organiser also has the right to permanently ban any exhibitor from participating in future HICC conventions.
  • 所有参展商在展会内需佩带其名牌。参展商不得出售、转借或分租展销枱、展柜或名牌予其他人士。
  • Only registered exhibitors have the right to sell merchandise in the venue. Visitors are not allowed to sell any merchandise inside the exhibition.
  • The organiser reserves the right to expel visitors if any incidents of unauthorised selling are confirmed.
  • 主办机构将提供保安措施予各参展商。任何在展销会期间引起的伤亡或损失,HICC一概不负贵,参展商须自行承担责任。
  • 参展商及与会人士不得在未获得大会同意下展示任何宣传物品。
  • The personal data of exhibitors and visitors will be included in the HICC’s database and the HICC will make use of such information for promotional purposes.
  • 展会期间,大会将在会场内拍照及录影,以作推广用途。
  • HICC有权利拒绝任何人士进场而无须作出任何解释。同时,大会有权将任何不遵守以上规则人士驱逐离场。
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